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Applied Training: Examples of Learning with Fred Pryor Enrollment

by Teresa Matteson

Excel Pivot Table

This year, OCEAN negotiated for Oregon SWCD employees to subscribe to a year of Fred Pryor Trainings at a significantly reduced rate of $199. According to Fred Pryor representative, Rebecca Oakman, 36 OCEAN participants have taken advantage of these valuable courses. Fred Pryor offers over 2600 course titles that cover a broad range of instruction topics and most are available online at […]

CONNECT 2015 Registration is Now Open

by Communications Committee


With planning for another great CONNECT conference well underway we are happy to announce that registration is open. We are able to offer Full Registration again this year for $400 a person, which includes 2 nights lodging, meals, snacks, tuition, and materials. Registration materials can be found at the CONNECT 2015 Home Page. Watch this video, courtesy of Wahoo Films to see […]

Dealing Effectively with Diverse Personalities

by Teresa Matteson

This competitive world of diminished funding sources rewards successful, effective partnerships. Collaboration requires that we work well with stakeholders or team members who have various personality types. Behavioral profiles, defined as models that categorize personality traits, may provide insights on how different people think, react to stress, deal with conflict, and respond to communication. Adapting your interactions to match others’ traits will […]

What Are They Thinking?

by Lisa Kilders

Who among us, in filling out a grant application, has not expounded on the value of conservation practices in salmon restoration?  We then turn around and sell the grant funded conservation program to a landowner by touting the improved efficiency of management or the benefits to the farmer’s bottom line.  We may not realize it, but we are using our knowledge about […]

Host a Penny Poll, Change the World

by Teresa Matteson

Penny Poll items

A penny poll is a fun informal survey method used to document opinions, needs, and trends and engage the crowd at a tabling event. Here is how it works. Define an overarching question with 5 to 7 answers worded in a manner that relates to the target audience. Invite participants to give their two-cents worth on your question. Easy-to-gather penny poll supplies […]

One Year of Unlimited Software/Administrative Training for $199 Per Employee

by Jason Faucera

Fred Pryor Training Categories

OCEAN has negotiated a group discount rate for annual subscriptions to training through Fred Pryor Seminars. Fred Pryor provides access to over 2,600+ online courses and unlimited access to attend local live seminars to employees for 12 months. Memberships with the OCEAN discount rate will cost only $199/member versus the standard $499/member. Attached is a full list of the trainings that are […]

Frustrated Writers, Take a Photo Break!

by Lisa Kilders

photo by Jason Faucera

The world in which we live is on information overload. Tweets, texts, and e-mail messages arrive literally 24 hours-a-day! The competition to catch our reader’s attention is steep, especially when our message isn’t exactly the topic of conversation at the dinner table. Maybe what we need to do is find another way of getting noticed. Think Outside of the Box To get […]

We’re Excited to Announce CONNECT 2015

by Communications Committee


Through the CONNECT program, OCEAN has provided high quality training to Conservation District employees for six years running. We invited Watershed Councils to participate in 2014, and it made the program even stronger. OCEAN is pleased to announce that CONNECT 2015 will be held April 22-24, 2015 at The Resort at the Mountain in Welches, Oregon. Planning is underway, and registration will […]

Oregon SWCDs Collaborate to Deliver Soil Health Education

by Teresa Matteson

Soil Health Kit

Exciting things happen when Oregon SWCD employees collaborate! After the concurrent sessions, award ceremonies, keynote speakers, social hours and meals of CONNECT 2012, a group of die hard worker bees gathered to brainstorm a strategy to deliver soil health education to farmers. This concerted effort bloomed into a recently culminated project titled: Reduce Agricultural Risk through Soil Health Education. Funded by the […]

Register for the 2014 Gathering for Conservation, November 12-14

by Lacey Townsend

The 2014 Gathering for Conservation will be held November 12-14 at Eagle Crest Resort near Redmond, OR. The event, planned in partnership by OACD, NOWC, OCEAN, and the Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts (COLT), will offer programming to both Districts and Watershed Councils. For more details and to register, please visit You must register by November 5. Please be sure to […]