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Oregon NRCS Announces Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) funding in Oregon

by Lacey Townsend

On January 15, 2015 Oregon NRCS announced the selection of six projects from around the state as recipients of Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) funding. NRCS’ investment will bring 23 million dollars of funding to bear to address a wide range of resource issues, and is the first in a five year commitment to the RCPP program by USDA. Projects that were […]

Host a Penny Poll, Change the World

by Teresa Matteson

Penny Poll items

A penny poll is a fun informal survey method used to document opinions, needs, and trends and engage the crowd at a tabling event. Here is how it works. Define an overarching question with 5 to 7 answers worded in a manner that relates to the target audience. Invite participants to give their two-cents worth on your question. Easy-to-gather penny poll supplies […]

Keepers of the Commons

by Teresa Matteson

We are charged as the keepers of the commons. The common, precious, ubiquitous natural resources, such as soil and water, used by many for short-term interest and protected by few. As non-regulators, we trudge an uphill path to educational opportunity and landowner trust. Taut budgets are compensated through abundant dedication. Focus is troubled by boundaries, ownership and competition. Accomplishments are tallied in […]

SWCDs Join OakQuest Mapping Partnership

by Lacey Townsend

Oak Tree at Sunset

This summer, several SWCDs joined forces with Metro and the Intertwine Alliance, with several other partners, in a large-scale citizen science effort to help map Oregon white oak throughout the Portland Metro region. The goal of the Oak Mapping Work Group is to create a high-quality map of the Portland Metro region’s imperiled Oregon white oak habitat to guide conservation and willing-seller […]

Oregon SWCDs Collaborate to Deliver Soil Health Education

by Teresa Matteson

Soil Health Kit

Exciting things happen when Oregon SWCD employees collaborate! After the concurrent sessions, award ceremonies, keynote speakers, social hours and meals of CONNECT 2012, a group of die hard worker bees gathered to brainstorm a strategy to deliver soil health education to farmers. This concerted effort bloomed into a recently culminated project titled: Reduce Agricultural Risk through Soil Health Education. Funded by the […]