Congratulations to Debbe Chadwick, OCEAN’s 2015 Employee of the Year

by Communications Committee

OCEAN’s is excited to announce that Debbe Chadwick has earned our 2015 Employee of the Year Award, which was presented at the CONNECT 2015 conference in Welches on April 23rd. Debbe’s work is indicative of the qualities that we look for when we select a recipient. What stood out about Debbe was her ability to build strong partnerships, to create solutions to difficult problems, to lead by example, and to devote time and energy to promote conservation.

While we have always encouraged participation by SWCD board directors in the nomination process for this award, most of our nominations come from employees. This year was an exception, and we appreciate the Jefferson SWCD board’s effort in nominating Debbe. In their nomination they specifically wanted to bring to light her leadership in bringing two local watershed councils that were close to disbanding back to life.

Here are some highlights and words of praise from the Board Directors at Jefferson SWCD:

Debbe has been with the Jefferson Co. SWCD for five years as manager and has a unique ability to bring all players together to address resource concerns and meet district defined goals. Debbe’s ability to bring success to a project could not be better illustrated than the energy she brought to maintaining two watershed councils that had lost OWEB compliance and were in danger of disbanding.

With her time and tenacity she was able to bring members of the two watersheds, Willow Creek and Trout Creek, back together and organized as a single council, known as Middle Deschutes Watershed Council. An action plan was created, goals and strategies defined, and the future now looks bright for the newly reorganized council. Debbe stood fast by her belief that the councils were too great of an asset to the community to let die, and through her effort they did not.

Some other words used to describe Debbe and her efforts were “Partner Builder” and “Rock Solid,” all the while remaining “incredibly easy to work with.”

Please join us in congratulating Debbe for her outstanding work in her community and in welcoming her as the 2015 OCEAN Employee of the Year!