NRCS Releases Native Seed Manual for Pacific Northwest Species

by Jason Faucera

NRCS Seed Manual

NRCS Seed Manual

USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) recently announced the release of a publication called the Native Seed Production Manual for the Pacific Northwest.

Click to see the full release on the Oregon NRCS website.

Here’s an excerpt of the full release:

“The Native Seed Production Manual for the Pacific Northwest contains detailed, species-specific information for 17 grasses, 60 forbs, and 7 sedges and rushes found throughout the Western regions of Oregon and Washington. It also contains information on all aspects of seed production, from establishment and weed control to harvesting and seed processing. The back section features an equipment overview, which explains the various types of equipment used at the PMC.

The manual, along with many other plant-related publications, is available on the Corvallis PMC publications webpage at: (Look under the “Major Publications” category on the list of publication types). To access the manual directly, visit this shortlink: