One Year of Unlimited Software/Administrative Training for $199 Per Employee

by Jason Faucera

OCEAN has negotiated a group discount rate for annual subscriptions to training through Fred Pryor Seminars. Fred Pryor provides access to over 2,600+ online courses and unlimited access to attend local live seminars to employees for 12 months. Memberships with the OCEAN discount rate will cost only $199/member versus the standard $399/member.

Fred Pryor Training Categories

Fred Pryor Training Categories

Attached is a full list of the trainings that are available online. In person seminars are generally focused on professional skills such as Human Resources Management, Project Management, and Leadership Development, and are held in cities throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California. Productivity software training such as Adobe, QuickBooks, and the Microsoft Office Suite are available on demand.

This opportunity is provided until November 30, 2015, and OCEAN will negotiate training discounts with Fred Pryor every year on behalf of Districts and Councils as long as there is interest.

District or Watershed Council employees who are interested should fill out the attached excel form and send it to Shilah Olson with Wasco County SWCD. She can also answer questions you might have or direct you to our contact with Fred Pryor Seminars.

We are very excited to be able to provide you with this opportunity, and hope that you are able take advantage of it over the next year!

Fred Pryor – Full Course List

Fred Pryor – Enrollment Form