Regional Conversations Between Districts, Councils and Land Trusts to Occur Over Six Summer Sessions

by Jason Faucera

Conservation Partners

Conservation Partners

In the time since CONNECT, the Network of Oregon Watershed Councils (NOWC), Oregon Association of Conservation Districts (OACD), Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts, and OCEAN (to a lesser degree) have been working to hold regional meetings to discuss the current and future conservation landscape and how partnerships could positively benefit outcomes for everyone.

CONNECT 2014 benefitted greatly from broadening the conversation to include Watershed Councils. These events are intended to provide a similar opportunity for conversation, but focused on the partnerships themselves. They offer opportunities to listen to and be heard by peers in your area, state and federal agency leaders, and the organizations that represent councils, districts, and land trusts.

District, council and land trust employees and board members, as well as partner agencies and organizations are encouraged to attend. Registration can be completed here:

Regional Conversations – Event Registration

Regional Conversations – Save the Date

Please take the time to look at the agenda, and to set aside some time to attend in your area.

Southern and Eastern Regional Meeting Agenda

Willamette and North Coast Regional Meeting Agenda