Reminder of October 15 Oregon Conservation Partnership Webinar

by Jason Faucera

Please join districts, councils and land trusts to hear Irma Lagomarsino, Senior Policy Advisor at NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region, talk about new “Safe Harbor agreements” for landowners for protection of anadromous fish habitat (salmon species), a new Oregon program. Safe Harbor agreements protect landowners form take under the Endangered Species Act. Irma developed the program, the first in the US for NOAA, in northern California.

Join us at 1:00 p.m., Thursday, October 15th on Zoom:

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Meeting ID: 895 5408 0041

In 2016, NOAA Fisheries completed its first Safe Harbor Agreement in the country—in northern California’s Dry Creek watershed. This partnership among NOAA Fisheries, the U.S. Corps of Engineers, Sonoma County Water Agency, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and private landowners in the Dry Creek Valley supports the recovery of endangered Coho salmon, and threatened Chinook salmon and steelhead. A Safe Harbor Agreement is a tool available under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to help engage private and non-federal landowners in ESA-listed species. These agreements have been used for other species, but this is the first time for NOAA protected fish species. Under Safe Harbor Agreements landowners voluntarily undertake activities on their property to enhance, restore, or maintain habitat benefiting ESA-listed species). Safe Harbor Agreements engage the support of landowners who are critical to species recovery, while also providing assurances that they will not face new restrictions on their land because of their good stewardship practices. The assurances create an environment for collaborative conservation, building on local knowledge and innovation to inspire on-the-ground action.