River Restoration Northwest seeking Videos for ‘Stories of Our Watersheds’ Film Event

by Jason Faucera

River Restoration Northwest (RRNW) is seeking video submissions for their annual ‘Stories of Our Watersheds’ film event. The initial film screening will be held in Portland at the Hollywood Theater on April 13th, 2016.

The planning committee is currently soliciting short films that acknowledge the many disciplines/perspectives of the river or watershed restoration industry, watershed stakeholders and river users. Films should not be commercial in nature. Run times of 10 minutes or less, per film is preferred, with a maximum length of 20 minutes.

Any Conservation Districts in Oregon that have recently completed a film that may be a good fit are encouraged to submit their video. To do so, fill out the form on the festival website. The submission deadline is February 9, 2016. A full list of last year’s selected films is available on the RRNW website.

Download the Announcement