Your Silent Auction Deal Awaits!

by Lisa Kilders

Going once! Going twice! SOLD, to the supporter of Oregon Conservation Education & Assistance Network (OCEAN)!! Although the OCEAN auction is silent, who doesn’t get a thrill out of sneaking around to see if an auction item you want has a higher bid than your last offering? If you are fast enough you might be able to come in at the last second to outbid your opponent! Get in on the fun at the 2014 Gathering of Councils & Districts, November 11-14 at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond.

If you have not attended the OACD conference in the past, you may not know that OCEAN holds an annual silent auction to raise money to support the work of the OCEAN board members and CONNECT planning volunteers. Funds pay for teleconference calls, provide OCEAN board members the opportunity to meet in person once per year for planning and organizational business, AND support the OCEAN website.

How can you help? Donate! OCEAN accepts donations from Districts, board members, individual employees or outside businesses who are interested in supporting the work of conservation district employees. What a great way to showcase the unique character of your county? Donations can be items locally produced such as a bottle of wine or chocolate covered cranberries. Maybe you have a local artist who is willing to donate their work. Or you may donate gift cards for products or services! Popular items include guided fishing or raft trips, stays at a B&B or spa experience or even meals at great restaurants! Be creative! Proceeds from your generous auction donations make OCEAN stronger and benefit all employees.

Districts are asked to donate items for both door prizes and the famous silent auction! Be sure to mark the items you want donated to the auction versus items for door prizes. Fill out the door prize and silent auction form and send to Janet Greenup, contact information is on the form. The door prized may be dropped off at the registration desk at the conference, or call Lisa Kilders at 503-210-6002 to help you find a ride for your item!

Remember to vote and donate to the OCEAN silent auction!