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Clackamas SWCD

Office Address: 22055 S. Beavercreek Rd.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 830
Beavercreek, OR 97004
Phone: 503-210-6000
Fax: 503-656-1105

District Meeting Schedule

From January - December
3rd Tuesdays at 4:00pm
Clackamas SWCD Conference Room


Name Position Contact Info
Ahr, Nicole Conservation SpecialistPhone: 503-210-6003
Extension: 6003
Cooley, Justin WeedWise SpecialistPhone: 503-210-6010
Extension: 6010
Eden, Scott Conservation SpecialistPhone: 503-210-6004
Extension: 6004
Faucera, Jason Conservation Initiatives ManagerPhone: 503-210-6013
Extension: 6013
Fenwick, Doug Engineering TechnicianPhone: 503-998-3458
Gattuso, Courtney WeedWise Program Specialist / CWMA CoordinatorPhone: 503-210-6015
Guttridge, Tami Administrative AssistantPhone: 503-210-6000
Extension: 6000
Karr, Lindsey WeedWise Program SpecialistPhone: 503-210-6018
Extension: 6018
Kilders, Lisa Information and Outreach CoordinatorPhone: 503-201-6002
Extension: 6002
Klock, Clair Senior Resource ConservationistPhone: 503-210-6007
Extension: 6007
Leininger, Sam WeedWise Program ManagerPhone: 503-210-6006
Extension: 6006
McQueeney, Cathy Education and Outreach SpecialistPhone: 503-210-6012
Extension: 6012
Rains, Eann Conservation Investments Program CoordinatorPhone: 503-210-6005
Extension: 6005
Reische, Jenne Conservation Planning Program ManagerPhone: 503-210-6011
Extension: 6011
Tucker, Nathan Fiscal AdministratorPhone: 503-210-6014
Extension: 6014
Van Wey, Matt Conservation SpecialistPhone: 503-210-6009
Extension: 6009


Name Office Board Position Term End Date Contact Info
Nelson, JesseVice ChairZone 1 2022Phone: 503-663-3348
Johnson, James (Jim) Zone 2 2020
Becker, JeffChairZone 3 2020Phone: 503-453-5741
Zuber, Joan Zone 4 2022Phone: 503-829-8709
Guttridge, DonaldSecretaryZone 5 2022Phone: 503-630-6238
Lee, Jan At Large 1 2020Phone: 503-545-9420
Fantz, RogerTreasurerAt Large 2 2022Phone: 503-637-6495

* Appointed to position. Position will be open to election in next election year regardless of term end date.

Associate Directors

Name Contact Info
Gagnon, Paula
Melethil, PK
Toops, JimPhone: 503-969-3860

Directors Emeritus

Name Contact Info
Oberg, Ron
Weinberg, Michael