Mission and Vision

Our Mission

OCEAN provides a statewide network for education, resources, partnerships, and professional development making better employees and stronger districts.

Our Vision

OCEAN inspires and develops the highest level of professionalism of soil and water conservation district employees in the country by providing key resources that make districts effective in providing the best and most comprehensive conservation assistance.

Our Organizational Objectives

  • To strengthen the conservation district programs of Oregon
  • To provide assistance, information, training and support to local conservation districts and their employees
  • To assist any agency, association, organization, municipality, group or individual who supports the Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Oregon in the spirit of cooperation and sound conservation; May provide training to other organizations when the training would benefit conservation districts and their employees
  • To promote educational purposes designed to further the principles of soil, water and energy conservation and stewardship
  • To provide, conduct, and sponsor programs to aid individuals, groups, organizations, governmental bodies, associations, and all entities engaged in natural resource conservation